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09/24/2012 18:04

Pest Control Methods

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The pest control methods used in Apollo Beach, FL can be applied to almost ant area in the world.  Pests are everywhere. No matter how many pest control methods you try out in order to avoid their attacks, and no matter how pricy the pesticides you apply are, at the end of the day, there is always a possibility of pests returning. Many have a very vague idea when it comes to what pests are and what they are capable of doing until the major, sometimes irreversible, damage is done. This is where Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control can help so contact us today.
Definition of “Pest”
A pest is an organism that is detrimental to any human activity causing health, ecological and economical issues. Even though it is commonly spoken about in agriculture, pests are not uncommon in homes and gardens. The variety of pests is many and the causes for their attacks can vary from moist wood to forgotten cupboards and plants that attract pests to seasonal changes in weather patterns.


Residential Pest Control Methods

Even though pest attacks cannot be diminished as a whole, it is possible to implement pest control methods in order to keep the damages at their lowest. Some of the most convenient, cheap and effective pest control methods that can be used in small scale inside buildings and in small gardens, and can also be used in larger scale in agriculture are discussed in this article.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Control


One of the widely recommended, environmentally friendly pest control method is the use of natural predators of pests to control them. These are biological methods that have no negative pest control funeffect on nature. For centuries people have used such methods such as introducing fish to artificial ponds that are likely to be breeding grounds to mosquitoes. Another environmentally friendly method of pest control is to ensure that there are no possible breeding grounds around. For instance, if you fear termite attacks, you must make sure that there are no moist wood around the house, and if it is mice that you fear about, your attics must be constantly cleaned.
Baits and Traps
Use of poison baits and traps are two other methods of pest control. These methods are commonly used to control mice, but their effectiveness is a matter to be rethought. A more convenient, modern version of the use of toxic substances would be the use of poison spray. It’s a quick method to get rid of numerous pests including cockroaches, bugs, ants, termites and flies.

In severe cases of pest attacks, pest control methods like fumigation and space treatment are used. Even though comparatively expensive, they are the best pest control methods available and would destroy all life stages of the pest and keep them from coming back. Never the less, if you feel that the pests have grown beyond your control, or unsure of the best thing to do, it is wise to call the professionals at Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control before using specialized chemical substances. Contact us today.

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