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Florida Carpenter Ant

10/27/2012 20:44


Carpenter Ants Common in Florida

Carpenter ants live all over the United States. The species that live in Florida goes by several florida carpenter antnames – Florida carpenter ant, Tortugas carpenter ant and the bull ant. The Buckley and Emery carpenter ants are two of the most common in the state however, the black carpenter species does the most damage to wood-based structures. As one of the largest ant species in Florida, carpenter ants may present a problem to homes, businesses and other places. When people do call for help, they call upon professionals such as the Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control, Florida. The Largo-based company uses effective pest control methods to service all areas of Tampa Bay.

Carpenter Ant Biology


florida carpenter ant life cycle
The Florida carpenter ant live with one queen and can adapt to a number of habitats, including rotten wood and attics. Professionals distinguish the ants by its 12-segmented antennae and body. The thorax is curved and bi-colored, which may be brown or orange with a black abdomen. Two types of workers forage for food major and minor.&nbspMajors grow up 11 mm in length minors grow to around 5 millimeters. Another group within the nest is the reproductives. This group consists of males and females with wings folded on their backs. Reproductives usually leave the nest within 2 to 3 years to migrate to other locations. Enormous swarms of reproductives may be seen during the spring and fall months.

Florida Carpenter Ant Diet

The Florida carpenter ant hunt at night for other living or dead insects. They may also enter a home to find sweets or some other type of foods. Homeowners should be aware that these ants do bite if handled.

Carpenter Ant Control

Nest sites can be exterminated with the right pest control. If these ants present a problem, contact Buggin Out Termite and Pest Control, inc today to eliminate your Florida carpenter ant problem.

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